EdNets Selects netEDITOR®-pro to Develop Registered Card Fundraising Website for the Secondary Education Market

May 10, 2005

Boston, MA. May 10, 2005 - Bridgeline Software announced today that it has been selected by EdNets, a leading supplier of web applications for K-12 schools, to architect and develop a web portal integrated with Bridgeline’s content management product, netEDITOR-pro, in support of the EdNets online fundraising program.

Together, EdNets and Bridgeline will develop an online, self service web portal – Ednets.com - which will provide families and the secondary education market a means to participate in an online registration and fundraising program designed to provide rebates to local school communities, through an established web platform.

This innovate program is designed to leverage rebates in order to fund the establishment of web technology which will be integrated with Bridgeline’s content management product, netEDITOR-pro, in order to foster the development of interactive School Websites. Each School Website will have a selection of unique template designs that focus on interaction between families and the school community through individual websites for the school district as well as for high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.

According to the Chief Technology Officer of Ednets, Steven Chartier, “We chose netEDITOR-pro for three key reasons. One, we needed a CMS that could be employed by a community with expertise ranging from novice user to technology director. Two, we needed a product proven to scale to the thousands of content producers in each school district. Three, we needed a team that could rapidly adapt their product to the expanding needs of education. netEDITOR-pro and the Bridgeline team satisfied all our requirements and are our choice.”

With netEDITOR-pro, non-technical users are empowered to maintain relevant web content while preserving the common look and feel across all sites. Bridgeline’s netEDITOR-pro also provides integrated, web-based administration capabilities giving users a rich toolset for managing and editing content. Using the administration engine, various editing, viewing, approving, and publishing privileges can be granted to the netEDITOR-pro user base. The administrative interface also possesses sophisticated time-based publishing capabilities that can be used to automatically determine when content items go live within the site. As an Application Integration Platform, netEDITOR-pro also enables any software developer to easily integrate web content management with other proprietary databases and applications under a single unified framework.

The EdNets.com public portal and fundraising program, along with the integration of netEDITOR-pro, will provide current and accurate content for school teachers, students and parents. The addition of netEDITOR-pro provides school districts and school personnel the ability to publish, update and manage school activities and events online as well as provide a forum for interaction among the local and regional school community.

About EdNets

EdNets is the leading supplier of web applications for K-12 schools, with an integrated "registered card" fundraising program that can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for a school district. EdNets websites are the cost-effective solution to improving school district communication, distribution of educational content, and community outreach. EdNets also provides complete support in web hosting, educational technology integration, training, and technical support to assure a successful program implementation in each school district. For more information, please visit EdNets at http://www.ednets.com.

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