Bridgeline Software To Launch New On-Demand Product Suites

May 31, 2007

Boston, MA, May 31, 2007 - Bridgeline Software is pleased to announce the completion of the iApps Framework V1.0®. The iApps Framework, built on a Microsoft .NET platform, includes a variety of extensions that improve the efficiency of .NET developers. Bridgeline is building six products on the iApps Framework, enabling easier integration of dissimilar business functions. Having all six products developed on the same framework facilitates complete integration of data and functions seamlessly across products. With this approach, Bridgeline is able to provide increased functionality to its customers in a minimally disruptive way. State-of-the-art AJAX user interface controls in the framework are a key differentiator for the product suite and serve to blur the line between desktop and web-based applications. Custom applications developed on the framework also utilize the web UI component and can easily integrate with any of the products before or after initial development.

Foundation for Future Product Suite The iApps Framework is the foundation of Bridgeline's future on-demand product suite that will include the following six products:

iApps Content Manager will allow non-technical users the ability to create, edit, and publish content via a browser-based interface. The advanced, easy-to-use interface will support businesses in keeping content and promotions fresh - whether for a public commercial site or a company intranet. The Content Manager will handle the presentation of content based on a sophisticated indexing and security scheme that includes management of front-end access to online applications. The system will provide robust library functionality to manage permissions, versions and organization of different content types, including multimedia files and images. Administrators will be able to easily configure a simple or advanced workflow, and can accommodate the complexity of larger companies with strict regulatory policies. In addition, the open nature of the iApps framework allows for the integration of this content management system functionality into any .NET-based web application.

iApps Analytics will provide Bridgeline Software customers the ability to manage, measure and optimize their web presence by recording detailed events and subsequently mine data within a web application for statistical analysis. Bridgeline's customers will understand where their visitors are coming from, what content and products their viewers are most interested in, and how they navigate through a particular web application. Through user-definable web reports, iApps Analytics will provide important insight into areas like visitor usage, content access, age of content, actions taken, and event triggers, and will report on both client- and server-side events. iApps Analytics will also be used to track events and create integrated reports across the entire iApps product suite including campaign management (iApps Marketier), content management (iApps Content Manager) and commerce (iApps Commerce).

iApps Marketier will provide a marketing lifecycle management tool that will include customer transaction analysis, email management, surveys and polls, event registration and issue tracking to measure campaign ROI and client satisfaction. Web site content and user profiling will be leveraged to deliver targeted campaigns and stronger customers relationships. The email management features will provide comprehensive reporting capabilities including success rate, and recipient activity such as click-thrus and opt-outs. The iApps Marketier will seamlessly integrate with leading CRM's such as and leading ad banner engines such as Google.

iApps Commerce will provide an online eCommerce solution that will assist Bridgeline's customers in maximizing and managing all aspects of their commerce initiatives. The customizable dashboard will provide customers with a real-time overview of the performance of their online stores, such as sales trends, demographics, profit margins, inventory levels, inventory alerts, fulfillment deficiencies, average check out times, potential production issues, and delivery times. Commerce will also provide backend access to payment and shipping gateways. In combining iApps Commerce with Analytics and Marketier, our customers can take their commerce initiatives to a new level by personalizing their product offerings, improving their marketing effectiveness, and providing value-added services or cross selling products.

iApps Grants Management will provide a streamlined grant proposal process through an interactive eligibility screening tool that helps grant-making foundations pre-qualify prospective grantees before they submit an online application or letter of intent. This screening tool reduces work for program staff and applicants, and gives grants managers immediate access to the information they need to get the application review process underway. Data captured in online forms can be seamlessly integrated into grantmakers' existing grants management systems, such as MicroEdge's GIFTS platform. Similarly, grants data stored in clients' legacy grants management systems can be seamlessly published on the Web.

iApps eTraining manages the design, delivery, and evaluation of instructional programs. With its flexible design, iApps eTraining can deliver structured text and rich media programs with integrated testing and adaptive learning features. Supporting conventional instructional design and distance learning methodologies, eTraining facilitates formative and summative evaluation of instructional programs and allows for comprehensive learner management across programs including accreditation and pre-requisite tracking.

The combination of the iApps Framework, the iApps product suites and Bridgeline Software's Managed Services offering will provide significant value to Bridgeline Software's customers. "The development and release of the iApps framework is the first step of a significant strategic initiative to provide an integrated platform of Web-based tools that will assist our customers in maximizing the performance and scalability of their web applications," says Brett Zucker, Bridgeline's Executive Vice President & CTO. "Over time, the iApps Framework and its scalable software product suite will provide an enhanced high margin, a reoccurring revenue model for Bridgeline Software, will increase our competitiveness and our value."

About Bridgeline Software

Bridgeline Software is a developer of award winning web applications and an on-demand web based platform called Orgitecture®. This scalable on-demand web based platform provides expandable modules such as Content Management, Relationship Management, eSurvey, eNewsletter, eCommerce, Event Registration and Integrated Grants Management. Bridgeline Software's team of Microsoft® certified developers specialize in information architecture, usability engineering, SharePoint® development, web application development, rich media development, e-commerce, and eTraining development. By providing scalable web software tools with award winning web application development capabilities, Bridgeline Software uniquely provides their customers with complete end-to-end solutions that optimize business processes through web-based technologies.

Companies such as The Bank of New York, RSA Security, Nomura Securities, EMC, John Hancock, AARP, Pfizer, Goldman Sachs, The Packard Foundation, DTTC, Cadaret, Grant & Co., Perkin Elmer, UBS, Citibank, National Financial Partners, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, JBHanauer & Co., Omgeo, the Gill Foundation, The Commonwealth Fund, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Smithsonian Institute have turned to Bridgeline Software for its web based software tools and/ or award winning web application development capabilities.

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