Cadaret, Grant Launches Redeveloped Public Website Using netEDITOR® 3.5

May 01, 2007

Boston, MA, May 1, 2007- Bridgeline Software has partnered with Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. - one of the top five privately owned independent broker/dealers in the United States - to re-develop the latest iteration of their public website, The new web property provides visitors with a rich user experience that targets financial advisors interested in bringing their practice to Cadaret, Grant. With a user-focused information architecture, integrated video and other rich media, the website offers an interactive environment that positions Cadaret, Grant as a stand out among its peers through their use of technology and the importance they place on maintaining personal relationships with their financial advisors. Cadaret, Grant's new public site leverages Bridgeline Software's Content Management Software, netEDITOR®.

Web properties developed using Bridgeline Software's Content Management Software, netEDITOR®, provide non-technical users the empowerment to maintain relevant content on their website while preserving a common look and feel. In addition, netEDITOR® provides other advanced features such as enhanced workflow options, multiple site content publishing, group security, and LDAP and active directory support. As an Application Integration Platform, netEDITOR® enables any software developer to easily integrate web content management and other proprietary databases and applications under a single unified framework.

Bridgeline Software's six-year relationship with Cadaret, Grant has continuously provided critical business support and delivered timely, end-to-end web development solutions on an as-needed basis. Because of Bridgeline's breadth of service offerings, Cadaret, Grant is able to utilize Bridgeline's teams of web professionals for information architecture, web design, application and rich media development, as well as hosting and managed services. Cadaret, Grant frequently relies on Bridgeline for development support of their customer facing web properties, including both their public website and secure broker extranet. This partnership has afforded Cadaret, Grant access to the right skill sets when they are most needed, while at the same time managing expenses and improving their bottom line. Bridgeline's in-depth knowledge and understanding of Cadaret, Grant's business and technology needs has provided a true partner in a flexible outsource model.

About Bridgeline Software

Bridgeline Software is a developer of award winning web applications and quality web software tools such as its web content management system, netEDITORpro®. In addition, Bridgeline Software provides an on-demand web based platform called Orgitecture®. This scalable on-demand web based platform provides expandable modules such as Relationship Management, eSurvey, eNewsletter, Content Management, eCommerce, Event Registration and Integrated Grants Management. Bridgeline Software's team of Microsoft® certified developers specialize in information architecture, usability engineering, SharePoint® development, web application development, rich media development, e-commerce, and eTraining development. By providing scalable web software tools with award winning web development capabilities, Bridgeline Software uniquely provides their customers with complete end-to-end solutions that optimize business processes through web-based technologies.

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