Hagen Develops Distributor Portal with Bridgeline Software

May 24, 2007

Boston, MA, May 24, 2007 - Bridgeline Software has designed and developed a direct distribution portal for Rolf C. Hagen, Inc., the largest privately run pet supplies manufacturer and distributor worldwide. Historically, Hagen had relied exclusively on a network of wholesalers acting as intermediaries between the company and their retailers. In developing a direct distribution portal - Hagen Direct (www.hagendealerdirect.com) - the company was looking to diversify its distribution by selling directly to the retail community. Hagen turned to Bridgeline Software to design and develop the portal.

Utilizing the web and developing a dealer portal was the most cost effective way for Hagen to enable retailers to have product ordering capability. Additionally, the new web based product ordering feature set needed to integrate with Hagen's legacy product distribution systems, prompting a Java-based solution. To achieve Hagen's business requirements, Bridgeline engaged a team of information architects, designers, software architects and developers. The Hagen Direct site provides secure access for retailers to view product catalogs, order and easily re-order inventory, and check on order status. For Hagen, the new portal enables them to efficiently sell directly to retailers while providing additional marketing opportunities for new product announcements and specials. With Hagen Direct seamlessly integrating with their existing ERP system, the new portal had no impact to the product distribution process.

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