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Atlanta Regional Commission


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The Challenge

In order to accommodate their rapidly growing website requirements, ARC required an interactive technology solution that could scale to their current and future needs. However, they were experiencing significant problems in trying to accommodate new users due to the inflexible seat licensing options of their existing content management system, RedDot. With the number of their content contributors continually increasing, ARC needed a change to accommodate their growing needs. Additionally, new users reported dissatisfaction with RedDot’s administrative interface, causing a constant point of contention among Site Administrators and an ever-present need for additional training, leading to escalating costs.

In mapping out their needs for a new content management system, ARC identified other additional objectives such as implementing search engine optimization capabilities that would help drive website traffic and increase findability of the wealth of resources on their site.

They also wanted to:

  • Develop a dynamic, iterative and agile site that would be easy to maintain and update, and would interact seamlessly with existing ARC online tools.
  • Provide role and permission-based workflow that would enable publishing flexibility and avoid bottlenecks.
  • Provide a front and back-end that is intuitive, easy-to-use and required no retraining.

The Solution

Bridgeline’s experience developing sophisticated interactive websites and applications would prove instrumental to the success of the ARC project and meeting their ultimate goal: to develop and deploy a website that would provide ARC site visitors with a one-stop-shop for information that impacts the people and businesses of the Atlanta region.

The first step was implementing iAPPS Content Manager, Bridgeline’s powerful web content management solution. Once in place, ARC could then take full advantage of an advanced feature set that they found to be lacking in their previous platform, such as a role and permissions-based workflow system, and unparalleled built-in key SEO features, such as friendly URLs and easy access to metadata.

Bridgeline developers next undertook the task of developing a seamless, back-end integration to ARC’s existing online tools, including a GIS (Geographic Information System) Map, which allows site visitors to view and query geographic data or create customized maps. Bridgeline’s use of a sophisticated .NET platform ensures that the ARC site can scale easily to include other potential interactive online tools in the future.

The Results

ARC’s new website accommodates their increasing number of content contributors with ease. Thanks to the flexible licensing of iAPPS, ARC has no limitations on adding seats for new content editors in the future. Furthermore, by selecting a SaaS (Software as a Service) licensing option, Bridgeline provides the ongoing managed services for ARC in its state-of-the-art hosting environment. Julie Ralston, Communications Director for ARC, adds “The option of the SaaS environment enabled us to stay within our project parameters and keeps us from having to worry about product updates and site security; Bridgeline handles all of that.”

Additionally, by moving to iAPPS Content Manager, the costly headache of retraining users was eliminated. ARC Site Administrators now enjoy the advantages of the extremely intuitive and easy-to-use administrative interface.

The end result for ARC is a dynamic, iterative, and agile site that is easy to interact with and maximizes their online interactive technologies while providing visitors with a one-stop shop for all of their informational needs. The site easily delivers a wealth of files, videos, maps and other materials to the public, local officials, and planning professionals.

Some template and design changes are slated for the future, but the site runs smoothly, as ARC finds it easy to effectively manage iAPPS, and quickly ramp up new users, free from worries over maintaining the site’s back-end or running up training and licensing costs for new users.