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Children's Hospital Case Study


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The Challenge:

Children’s Hospital Colorado is recognized nationally as one of the premier pediatric hospitals. In addition to offering top-notch care to children throughout Colorado and the surrounding region, the hospital is also known for its excellent medical, research, and education programs. Children’s Hospital Colorado Orthopedics Institute engaged Bridgeline Digital to create a dynamic website that represented the excitement, energy, and movement involved in their innovative and comprehensive orthopedics program. It was also important that the Institute’s new site retain Children’s Hospital Colorado branding while showcasing the stand-alone institute.

The Objectives:

Bridgeline Digital proposed a redesigned site built on the award-winning iAPPS Content Manager platform, part of the iAPPS Product Suite. The intent of the newly designed site would be to create a unique brand for the Orthopedics Institute within the Children’s Hospital Colorado system, while still linking the institute to the other caregiving lines of the group. In addition to a visual makeover, Bridgeline also developed a comprehensive content and SEO strategy to improve user engagement and to help deliver information valuable to the future health of the children in the area.

The Solution:

Bridgeline created a dynamic, colorful and interactive web experience on iAPPS Content Manager that positions the Orthopedics Institute as a thought leader in pediatric orthopedics, both in the region and across the country. The new site retains some elements of Children’s Hospital’s overall brand as well, in order to ensure a seamless and comfortable user experience.Bridgeline’s iAPPS Product Suite - the industry’s leading Web Engagement Management (WEM) solution and only WEM platform available in either a SaaS or perpetual license that unifies Content Management, eCommerce, eMarketing, and web analytics capabilities – significantly leverages the Orthopedic Institute’s online marketing efforts, enabling users to swiftly enhance and optimize their value. Because the iAPPS Content Manager is easy to use, nearly any member of the Orthopedics Institute staff – regardless of technical know-how - can quickly and easily modify, update, or delete content on the site - ensuring that patients will always find relevant news and up-to-date information of value. The content and SEO strategy that Bridgeline’s Digital Strategy Group (DSG) proposed and implemented is centered on injury prevention, common injuries to specific areas of the body, and dthe wealth of industry-leading research conducted by the institute. DSG also created relevant, intriguing content focused on preventing sports injuries. Topics include training and coaching tips, nutrition guidelines, and more inclusive sports medicine information. The site’s design and content are sensibly organized according to age, body region, and sport, and the graphical interface helps users quickly identify and navigate to any information they need. Everything has been written using current SEO best practices to ensure that the quality information is viewed favorably by the search engines.

The Results:

The result is a web experience that showcases the Institute’s top- ranked care in treating musculoskeletal conditions from head to toe, with a bright, youthful design focused on body movement. The website also successfully highlights the Orthopedic Institute’s many integrated programs including general orthopedics, orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, and rehabilitation medicine. Critical condition, test, and treatment information is presented for both patients and parents, in a way that is intuitive and easy to find. And, because iAPPS makes it so easy to update content, the information is kept current and relevant. The new site also includes calls to action that encourage patients and parents to reach out to the Orthopedics Institute for more information or to schedule an appointment. ”Based on our goals, Bridgeline developed the concept, design, and architecture for a website that captures the essence of our Orthopedics Institute,” said Robin Doer, executive director of marketing and communications at Children’s Colorado. “From conception to execution, Bridgeline helped us launch an interactive website that showcases our top-ranked care for bones, muscles, movement, and more.” In short, this redesigned website connects the dots from industry leading research to the treatment of children in and around Colorado, in a satisfying, sensible and extremely engaging experience.