ESL Federal Credit Union

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The Challenge:

ESL Federal Credit Union has 330,000 members and holds over $5.6 billion in assets. The full-service financial institution is nearly a century old. No organization experiences that amount of sustained success without understanding how to optimize key business drivers.

And in the digital age, this challenge starts with developing an engaging, customer-oriented web experience to increase traffic and maximize conversion rates.

The problem was two-fold: The legacy website needed a refreshed design that supported mobile browsers, and the underlying system prevented the marketing team from being able to quickly make changes and share content with ESL’s growing member base. 

The Solution:

ESL selected Bridgeline Digital to develop its next-generation mobilefriendly website on the iAPPS Digital Engagement platform, an easy-to-use solution with pre-integrated capabilities in web content management, eCommerce, email marketing, web analytics, and social media.

Bridgeline’s proven delivery team boasts an extensive track record of implementing award-winning websites on the iAPPS Platform for leading industry peers, including GTE Financial Credit Union, Elevations Credit Union, and Franklin Square Capital Partners.

Bridgeline conducted extensive internal stakeholder interviews to establish an end-user experience that provides superior customer service and aligns with ESL’s brand and business goals and objectives.

ESL’s website was built on iAPPS Content Manager and is optimized for mobile devices through the use of responsive design -- a coding methodology that triggers web content to automatically adjust to the screen size of the device a visitor is using to access a page.

The website also prominently features access to visitor engagement features, including a feed of up-to-date, real-time mortgage rates and calculation tools, secure login and form encryptions, and third-party live chat integration.

The Results:

Key to judging the new website’s success was whether it could help transition ESL’s brand into the mobile age. Just two months after launch, the stats showed that the mobile-friendly responsive design approach paid off, increasing to the tune of 180% more visitor traffic from a mobile device. Beyond that, has seen upwards of a 16% increase in traffic and significant growth in key engagement metrics like pages per session. The new site is attracting more people and keeping them engaged with the brand.

“We’re very excited about ESL’s new website and the superior customer experience it brings to both current customers and prospects,” said ESL Federal Credit Union Vice President/Marketing Director, William Freeman. “The website, in conjunction with the innovative tools and features our marketing team can leverage in iAPPS, will help transform the high-quality customer service synonymous with ESL’s brand to the digital space.”