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Triumph Motorcycles


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eCommerce Fulfilled Powers Triumph Motorcycle’s New B2C Channel

The Challenge:

Triumph Motorcycles has been a leading motorcycle manufacture for over 110 years, producing iconic bikes which perfectly blend design, character, charisma and performance. Building around 50,000 bikes per year, Triumph is the largest British motorcycle manufacturer and has over 750 dealers across the world.

Triumph sought to further expand sales by offering a B2C website to augment and complement their already thriving brick and mortar dealership model.  At the heart of Triumph’s philosophy is a commitment to developing truly unique motorcycles that offer intuitive handling and performance.  Triumph wanted to deliver that same approach while launching a new website to support their B2C product line in the North American market.

However, there were a variety of sub-factors for Triumph to consider while taking on the challenge of launching a new website.

The Objectives:

  • Find a solution that offered an easy-to-use online platform that works in tandem with a logistics provider to support the transition of their new business segment.
  • Choose a solution that could create a centralized catalog that supports the entire scope of Triumph’s B2B and B2C product line.
  • Strengthen the relationships with each of the independent 200+ North American dealers by implementing a system that supports and complements their partnerships, rather than undermine them.
  • Select a platform that ensures ease-of-use and simultaneously offers innovative technology that can handle the incessant changes and trends in the eCommerce landscape.

The Solution:

Triumph selected the eCommerce Fulfilled™ solution offered by Bridgeline Digital in conjunction with UPS Logistics to power its B2C business. The resourcefulness and true advantage of eCommerce Fulfilled™ is the robust technology features offered by Bridgeline’s iAPPS platform combined with UPS logistics. The compound of services supports Triumph’s team from the point of engagement and purchase to delivery … Guaranteeing Triumph coverage of their eCommerce efforts from click to ship.

The iAPPS platform also handles outside customer purchases coming from Triumph is getting the best of both worlds; a direct B2C website as well as continued access to’s vast customer base.  Reporting and analytics of those sales are processed through the iAPPS platform and fulfillment of the Amazon orders are handled by UPS logistics, providing a more cost-effective, single view of all eCommerce activities.

The new website channel benefits the independent dealers in North America as well. Bridgeline implemented a system that enables Triumph to assign and credit sales of their B2C products to dealers based on customizable and automated fields. “The good part for dealers is they don’t have the risk of inventory they have to carry, stocking warehouses, hiring warehouse workers, shipping items and maintaining the web site, but they still get profit-sharing,” Matthew Sheahan, Triumph’s Vice President of Sales and Operations.

The Results:

The unification of Triumph’s B2B and B2C product line into one, singular catalog; inclusion of the Amazon marketplace; and incorporated incentives for independent dealers just scratch the surface compared to the advantages offered by the eCommerce Fulfilled™ solution.

For example, the capabilities of the iAPPS platform help Triumph seamlessly bypass tedious aspects of running an eCommerce business, such as automated Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) functions for processing returns and effective inventory management. “Bridgeline Digital has created a user-friendly solution that helps make Triumph’s eCommerce business successful,” said Sheahan.

Furthermore, Triumph’s web properties were built using Responsive Design, a mobile-friendly approach which enables websites to detect the size of a visitor’s viewing screen and trigger content to automatically adjust to fit the screen accordingly. By implementing Responsive Design, Triumph’s product line appears clean and is accessible to customers anytime, anywhere, no matter what device they are using.  

“At Triumph, we have unique requirements because of our brand promise and product offering, and the importance of delivering a seamless customer experience both online and in local Triumph dealerships. Bridgeline was able to take those requirements, interpret them, and deliver a website that we believe will drive online sales while enhancing the customer’s overall experience with Triumph.”