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3 Phases to Execute a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

3phases-ebook_th_184x184.pngA Game Plan to Tackle Your Email Marketing Challenges

Email has become so integrated in our everyday lives that the first thing 58% of adult Americans do in the morning is open their desktop, phone, or tablet and check for new messages. For businesses, this is a huge opportunity – especially considering that 77% of customers prefer to receive marketing messages through email over every other channel (and it’s not even close!).

Despite this valuable marketing opportunity, did you know that only 60% of marketers say their Email Marketing initiatives actually produce an ROI? Fortunately, we’ve studied the game film, talked to scouts (industry experts), and put together a step-by-step guide to help you produce winning email campaigns.

Author: Erik Gupp

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This eBook is for designers that are tired of creating the same bland emails, the content marketers who find themselves at a loss while coming up with the right words in their subject line, and, most of all, for the frustrated marketing teams that are sick of wondering why their campaigns fail to produce desired results.