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7 REASONS to Consider Responsive Design for Your Company's Next Generation Website

Is Your Website Ready for the Mobile Revolution?

responsive_ebook_th_155x140.pngIf you haven’t already, marketers everywhere should be considering how to revamp their digital marketing strategy to cope with the mobile takeover.



Key Takeaway:

  • According to Business insider, manufacturers shipped 685.6 million smartphones worldwide in 2012 - 45% increase over 2011;
  • Per Bank of America, retail revenue from mobile commerce in European and U.S. markets jumped from $15 billion in 2011 to nearly $26 billion in 2012 -- a 71% increase!
  • 2012 marked the first time in over a decade that PC sales are projected to be LOWER than the previous year

Make no mistake about it, the mobile revolution isn’t coming – it has arrived.

Using insight from industry experts and in-depth research data, our latest eBook, “Seven Reasons to Consider Responsive Design for Your Company’s Next Generation Website,” explores the advantages of using Responsive Design to take your web presence into the mobile era. What are you waiting for?