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7 Critical Questions To Ask Before Implementing an eCommerce System (and One Good Answer to Each)


Implementing an eCommerce website is an ambitious undertaking even with the right software -- and virtually impossible without it. An increasing number of software vendors are offering a wide array of different eCommerce solutions that marketers can use to add online shopping capabilities to their web sites. But which eCommerce solution is right for your business?

What you will learn:
  • How a facet-based product management catalog makes it easier for consumers to find exactly what they want to buy
  • The benefits of having a dashboard to provide you with a comprehensive, realt-time overview of your store's performance
  • How to use coupons, featured product placement, pricing books, product reviews and ratings, and free shipping options to engage customers throughout their shopping experience
  • Why the integration of eCommerce and analytics can compress the cycle time for website improvements