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Understanding Your Users Leads to Online Marketing Success


Marketers have greater control than ever over their brand's online channel activities. With this newfound responsibility also comes increasing pressure to prove the effectiveness of their online strategies. Stuck frequently with disparate collections of software support solutions that don't work well together, marketers often struggle with critical missions such as understanding users, driving customers to their websites and showing results. This online marketing guide demonstrates how to identify, engage and understand your users so the likelihood that you will achieve online marketing success increases.

What you will learn:
  • Creating relevant experiences that engage customers and deliver ROI
  • What's required for a truly successful online channel
  • Business benefits of a web engagement management strategy
  • How to gain a better understanding of your site users and use that understanding to achieve online marketing success presented clearly in the online marketing guide
  • How to drive potential new customers to your website with SEO and targeted email marketing
  • How to really understand and measure what's happening on your website