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Digital Clarity Group - Asessing and Improving Your Customer Engagement Maturity


Cathy McKnight, Partner, Principal Analyst

In this exclusive offering from Bridgeline Digital, Digital Clarity Group analyzes and defines the strategies and technologies businesses need to foster dynamic customer relationships. Through DCG's Customer Engagement Maturity Model, companies can assess and adapt their technologies, business processes, and skills to stay relevant to their customers. Ultimately, the optimal level of customer engagement maturity is reached when customers become advocates and defenders of their brand and products.

Download the Whitepaper today to learn more about the path to customer engagement:
  • Evaluation: Examine the level of customer maturity attainable through your current technology and tact (strategy).
  • Refine: Advance the level of maturity of your organization’s content creation, delivery, and measurement activities.
  • Optimize: Investigate and select technology and service partners to efficiently fill the gaps in your digital strategy.