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Make B2B Marketing Thrive In The Age Of The Customer

Contemporary B2B customers are demanding, savvy, connected 24/7 and definitely mobile. How do B2B marketers satisfy this new evolving customer profile? Firms that lead in the next decade will be those that use customer knowledge to engage and delight buyers and win their business and loyalty away from competitors.

Our latest offering from Forrester Research explains why companies should be embracing digital tools as the key to business success going forward. “The next wave of competitive advantage will come from deep customer knowledge, engagement tied to the buyer’s timing, and actions based on an obsessive desire to deliver what your customers want before your nearest competitor does,” writes Laura Ramos.

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  • Learn why in the age of the customer that engagement and lead nurturing will triumph traditional competitive advantages
  • Learn how customer intelligence will empower a seamless end-to-end experience
  • Learn what types of interpersonal brand awareness strategies to implore to turn customers into long-term brand advocates

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