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The Definitive Guide to Corporate Blogging for Marketers

definitive-guide-to-blogging_th_6-6-13.png The benefits are real. The reward is lucrative.
So why, exactly, aren't you blogging on your company's website?

Blogging. For one contingent of marketers, pumping out posts on the company blog is their favorite part of the day; an opportunity to muse about industry news, highlight their product, and release creative fuel that is otherwise bottled up. For other marketers, blogging is the chore in the way of getting “more important” work accomplished. In other words, writing daily posts is an endless nuisance, like listening to “The Song That Never Ends.”

The What, The Why & The How: A 360 degree look at Corporate Blogging.
  • Blogging basics: Grammar, Voice & Tone
  • The Opportunity Cost of Time: Get In & Get Out
  • Types of blog posts: Roundup Links, Lists, How To's, Current Event's, Thought Leadership
  • Fusion Marketing
  • Taking Your Company's Blog to the Next Level