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The Three T's of Modern Marketing: Team, Technology, Tools


A new digital marketing landscape is beckoning - how can you be sure you’re prepared? With the simultaneous explosions of mobile, social networking, wi-fi and constant connectivity, we’re creating a world that constantly offers more, with more selection, more options, and more more than ever before. More than 3.5 billion pieces of content are shared weekly on Facebook alone - certainly the fastest growing of the social platforms, but definitely not the only one. It’s simply not enough to call this digital landscape “Modern Marketing” anymore.

Key Points
  • Building the best Team - Insource vs. Outsource
  • Using the right Tools for your marketing strategy - Content Management, eMarketing, Web Analytics, and eCommerce
  • Choosing the most effective Technology for your company goals - SaaS vs. Perpetual, Integrated vs. Multi-platform
  • Tying all three together to increase traffic, visitor engagement, and conversions