Responsive Design

The world has changed. We make sure your business changes with it by developing customer journeys that deliver the right experience to the right device.

Responsive Mobile Design allows you to reach out Anytime, Anywhere

With more than 6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, half of them on smartphones, mobile devices are the way to reach out to your customers all the time. Keeping your digital experience consistent as you add more visitors from phones, tablets, e-readers, laptops and other avenues can make for complex management of multiple sites, duplicate content and other problems. How do you keep organized?


Responsive Design helps clear that all up, and the iAPPS Product Suite is optimized to handle Responsive layouts. Bridgeline's creative and development teams are well-versed in effective, engaging design, too - making iAPPS the best solution to maintain your mobile device optimization.

Why Responsive Design?

More than 44% of the near-3-billion global smartphone users regularly access the Internet from their phone - a number projected to increase by as much as 18 times over the next five years. Numbers like these make responsive design more than a just cool new trend, it's now become a necessity.


There are a few important things to consider, too:

  • Responsive Design saves money - Setting up a responsive site costs more money upfront, but the alternative - building separate sites designed to handle different devices - will soak up much more money down the road (consider labor - you’ll need content editors to post to all sites, rather than just one). Separate sites require separate content strategies and maintenance for each. That’s a load of extra planning, writing, strategy and more.

  • Responsive Design prevents duplicate content "dings" - Using a mobile and a desktop version of the same site means duplicate content. (Hint: this is something that gets your site penalized – heavily – in search engines).

  • Responsive Design is expected - People are already landing on your site with mobile devices, and likely leaving pretty quickly when they see a messy site that is not mobile-optimized. Analytics show a significant increase in mobile visitors - even over the last six months - compared to the same period just last year. The increase is due to new, mobile device traffic - a number that will only continue to grow.

  • Responsive Design increases revenue directly - Visitors are much more likely to stay on your site and funnel through calls to action if it's pleasant and easy to navigate. Dynamic, easy and engaging experiences can make them advocate for your brand.

  • Responsive Design is preferred - Google recently announced that responsive design is the primary recommended configuration for smartphone-optimized websites, and didn’t stop there. Google also currently seems to be emphasizing user experience – and rewarding those sites that follow their lead.

With iAPPS flexibility, Bridgeline Digital’s responsive design experience and the SEO capabilities of our iAPPS Support Group, getting your site optimized for any device is a breeze. Now the ball is in your court, and it's harder than ever to keep putting it off.

Bridgeline gets it. They not only provided us with a creative solution and skillful execution, but they understand the demands of the business word, meeting tight deadlines without sacrificing quality."

Patrice Ficociello
instructional Design Manager
Omgeo LLC