Usability Design

Visitors need a contextualized web experience that aligns with your business goals and delivers world-class customer service.

Website Usability Design

"Industry research indicates that 83% of Internet users leave a website after just three clicks."

For many business applications, both internal and external, poor usability has very real financial consequences: fewer completed transactions, lower customer retention, and unrealized productivity, to name just a few. Bridgeline Digital focuses on usability as a key component of our development process, giving customers a significant advantage over less user-centric competitors.


Bridgeline Digital ensures that usability is an essential part of every Web design and development project we do. Our systematic and user-centered approach to Web development and Web design produces Web properties that are intuitive, accessible, engaging, and effective. The net effect of this is increased traffic, improved visitor retention, increased user productivity, reduced user error, lower support cost, and reduced long-term development cost.

Working with Bridgeline’s usability team was a perfect complement to our internal development organization. Bridgeline brought a unique skill set to the table that has added tremendous value to our business.

Laura Scala
Manager Director
Bank of New York Mellon