Our web platform enhances the power of knowledge with capabilities that produce interactive - and memorable - eLearning experiences.

eLearning Solutions

eLearning is a valuable tool for employee development, but also one that can dramatically extend and enhance customer relationships. To stand out among today's web culture, effective eLearning solutions need to go beyond simply repurposing existing content to fit on a computer screen. Among other things, your elearning solutions now need to fit so many more devices - it's an all new playing field in many ways.


Bridgeline Digital’s extensive experience in eTraining and instructional design means every lesson is built on both sound educational concepts and modern, intuitive design to ensure easy comprehension and strong retention. And, since the iAPPS Product Suite is designed for optimized Responsive Design, your online education initiatives will be sure to fit on any device, and look great when it does.

Bridgeline Digital creates online learning environments that combine an engaging mix of video, audio, animation, surveys, and other tested and proven learning methodologies — providing value and advantages for users and administrators alike:

  • Effectiveness – optimized comprehension and retention
  • Flexibility - accessible by internet or intranet
  • Savings – reduced training costs
  • Convenience – 24/7 availability
  • Longevity – use of updatable resources

From advanced learning and certification for experienced professionals to online training for new staff - or about new procedures and practices - the iAPPS Product Suite and Bridgeline Digital's expertise creates opportunities for learning, while ensuring success in all levels of online training.

Bridgeline gets it. They not only provided us with a creative solution and skillful execution, but they understand the demands of the business word, meeting tight deadlines without sacrificing quality."

Patrice Ficociello
Instructional Design Manager