Integrated Search

Is your website your best customer service professional? It should be. Enhance your web experience with out-of-the-box, enterprise-grade search.

Find What You’re Looking for with Lexmark Perceptive Enterprise Search


Right now your website could be rife with valuable content that no one knows about. Over time information becomes buried inside databases, in folders, inside emails or on other media. Ultimately, the business value of the information can be largely diminished if consumers and employees cannot easily access the content.

Enter Lexmark Perceptive Search.
Perceptive Search is an enterprise search engine used to locate published content on your website. Unlike other CMS solutions, Lexmark comes installed within the iAPPS Platform. Many CMS vendors charge as much as a third of the initial purchase price for search capabilities as robust as what comes right out of the box with iAPPS and Perceptive. Moreover, these solutions often come with licensing limitations. iAPPS’ deep integration of Perceptive Search alleviates all of these headaches.



Lexmark Perceptive Search Earns Strong Ratings For Superior Functionality

In its most recent MarketScope Report valuing enterprise search engines, Gartner gave Peceptive Software a position in the Leaders quadrant rating while stating, “Perceptive Enterprise Search makes locating key information simple, straightforward and quick. With enterprise search, users can rapidly access the information they need and then take action…”


Perceptive Search is paramount to helping shoppers, site visitors, employees, investors, users and admins navigate intranets, portals or websites. Using this robust search engine, consumers and content producers can find what they want, when they want it.

  • Improve employee productivity and knowledge with superior search capabilities which locate relevant content and documents
  • Create better user-experiences by enabling customers to easily find what they want
  • Work on an easy-to-use interface with tremendous power and customization features
  • Filter your search for various types of media
  • Index products or visitors through integrated tagging mechanisms
  • Garner insight and understand how visitors are navigating your site through search history
"iAPPS with Lexmark Perceptive Enterprise Search embedded offers dynamic, facet-based drilldown for commerce products, so users find what they want instantly. Most importantly, we provide these advanced content searching capabilities as standard functionality to all of our customers, across all products in the iAPPS Product Suite.”

Brett Zucker
Executive Vice President & CTO
Bridgeline Digital