Mobile Development

We build tailored customer journeys that deliver the right experience to the right device.

Website Design and Development

Always Reach Your Audience. Wherever They Are, on Any Device.


Your content is everywhere – on smartphones, tablets, e-readers, laptops or desktops - and iAPPS is built to make you look good on all of them. 44% of the U.S. online population (or about 107 million consumers) ages 8-64, owns a smartphone and uses it daily - up from 31% in 2011. That number is expected to reach 57% in 2013, which means mobile is no longer something you can afford to ignore.

With custom mobile application development from Bridgeline Digital for sites based on responsive design and powered by the iAPPS Product Suite, your content is always available to a range of device types, providing your business with greater reach to the expanding mobile population.

Bridgeline develops mobile websites and applications that engage your customers where they are, no matter which device they're using. We put technology directly into the hands of your customers, employees and social audience. Whether it’s POS, external lead generation, coupons, inventory, or customer loyalty - with iAPPS it’s responsive, and it's IT with a demonstrable ROI.

Responsive design incorporates all of the standard elements of desktop web applications, with optimized page layout, graphics and content for smaller smartphone, e-reader and tablet screens. The result is a fluid, adaptable web experience - with nothing left outside the margins. Responsive design is exploding, and great responsive designers must have a deep understanding of many platforms and how they impact not only the user experience, but also development timelines - and budgets. Bridgeline’s systematic, user-centered approach to responsive design and development produces experiences that are intuitive, accessible, engaging, and always effective.


iAPPS is Built for Responsive Delivery

The entire iAPPS Product Suite fully supports responsive design with device-specific delivery and functionality on any web-enabled platform. iAPPS powered, responsive sites render content in fluid templates that share the same look & feel as non-mobile sites, but are designed for optimized performance under lower bandwidth conditions - and across many screen sizes - using AJAX and other techniques.