Finally, an awarding-winning web platform that makes you a better, more efficient marketer.

Website Management With iAPPS CMS

Digital Engagement (n.) – The state of optimized interaction with customers in an increasingly online world.

iAPPS 5.3 is the choice-business solution to achieve Digital Engagement. By channeling world-class capabilities in Content Management, eCommerce, Web Analytics, Social Media, and Email Campaign Management iAPPS 5.3 is recognized as the preeminent solution in the web experience marketplace. One solution with the tools to connect businesses to desired audiences, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

target_icon_44x52.gifTarget Practice. Engage customers with persuasive content based on the type of device, navigation behavior, and visitor demographic viewing your website to improve conversion rates and allow visitors to immediately find what they want.

mobile_icon_44x52.gifGo Mobile. Stay ahead of the competition with On-the-Go authoring functionality that allows users to edit and publish content and use web analytics with their smart phone and tablets on iAPPS Content Manager.

speach-bubble_icon_44x52.gifOne Message. Limitless Digital Engagement. Take advantage of global markets with easy-to-use language variant sites, built-in translation services and multi-site eCommerce capabilities and email campaign management.

iAPPS Platform



iAPPS Content Manager

Top-Flight Features. Smooth Usability. Automatically present customers with persuasive content using a CMS designed with a new cross-channel interface and customizable mega-menus that improve navigation between your web assets

Captivate Customers. Easily publish and manage video content right in Content Manager with pre-integrated video hosting services provided by Brightcove.

Mobilize Your Digital Strategy. Back-end mobile-friendly capabilities include On-The-Go Authoring, which allows users to edit and publish content on their smart devices.

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iAPPS Commerce

  • Fulfillment & Logistics from Click to Ship. Bridgeline’s eCommerce Fulfilled™ solution partners iAPPS Commerce with UPS Contract Logistics, covering both the front-end and back-end fulfillment and logistics for any eCommerce business.
  • eCommerce Without Barriers. Extend your business reach to any marketplace by leveraging over 100 currencies, language translation services, and real-time shipping and packaging estimates.
  • Consolidated Product Catalogs On Multi-Store Fronts: Track eCommerce success by centralizing your product catalog and managing each of your storefronts on a single system.

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iAPPS Marketier

  • Email Campaigns Delivered With A Personal Touch. Send targeted newsletters and marketing messages to your customers with a click of the mouse using the integrated e-mail marketing software in iAPPS Marketier. 
  • Coordinate Your Email Database With Customer Relationship Management Tools. Third-party CRM solutions like integrate into iAPPS Marketier to optimize email campaign management.
  • Communication That Converts. Improve your conversion rates with automated engagement functions like situational emails with special sales offers to customers who abandon their shopping cart at checkout.

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iAPPS Analyzer

  • Get Smart With Proactive Analytics. Access real-time statistics that explain what on-page content is engaging visitors and what needs to be changed - Digital Engagement simplified.
  • Build Customer Profiles. Take action and automatically deliver persuasive content to customers based off their demographics and navigation behavior.
  • Measure ROI On Goal-Driven Marketing Initiatives. Connect all of your multichannel marketing efforts to defined business goals within a single campaign that measures their effectiveness.

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iAPPS Social

  • Centralize: Easily schedule content for publication whenever you want, to wherever you want, all integrated on one dashboard with the rest of your digital marketing solutions on the iAPPS platform.
  • Capture: Set up watch lists based on social network, topic, author, or company and listen in on relevant conversations – not just about your company, but your entire industry, or one you’re selling into.
  • Capitalize: Whether it be on Social Media, popular websites, blogs, or other media outlets, iAPPS Social empowers you to immediately identify and engage in conversations across the web without ever exiting the iAPPS dashboard.

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