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iAPPS Commerce Overview

vert_iapps_commerce_flat_100x151.gif iAPPS Commerce is a powerful eCommerce solution that helps online business owners maximize their online revenue. The easy-to-use interface is second-to-none and packed with custom features including faceted product catalog management, best-in-class SEO and comprehensive reporting solutions.  

Each iAPPS implementation incorporates a set of flexible templates and modules to get you started quickly in building your shopping cart and associated pages with iAPPS Commerce Pro. From there, you can opt to fully customize these templates and incorporate any necessary custom application integrations to meet your unique business needs with iAPPS Commerce Enterprise.


Bring the Power of iAPPS and UPS to your business

Global eCommerce success starts with engagement. Combining the power of iAPPS Commerce, supply chain solutions with the fulfillment and logistics expertise of UPS Supply Chain Solutions helps grow your business globally, strengthen online engagement and lift conversions dramatically. Learn about eCommerce Fulfilled


International Markets

Go multi-channel in multiple geographies. With over 100 currencies and languages to leverage, you can advertise to new buyers in their native tongue. They can also shop confidently with real-time shipping estimates from supply chain solutions from UPS, FedEx, and USPS.


Real-Time Ecommerce Dashboard

With the iAPPS Commerce dashboard, all of your crucial eCommerce data is right at your fingertips –including purchase reports, financial summaries, inventory status and more; providing the information you need today in order to successfully strategize for solutions tomorrow.

Best-in-Class Search Engine Optimization Capabilities

iAPPS Commerce, coupled with iAPPS Content Manager, offers one of the most search engine friendly eCommerce solutions on the market today. Automatically generated 301 redirects and XML sitemaps, built-in keyword management, and SEO friendly URLs for your products will ensure your online business and products achieve high-rankings with major search engines.

Seamless B2B ECommerce

iAPPS Commerce easily handles all of the unique complexities of B2B eCommerce. Buy-side and sell-side are fully supported with powerful solutions such as: searchable online product catalogs, order management, customer pricing, customizable business order rules and buyer order workflow. With iAPPS Commerce you can improve customer service and operating efficiencies while reducing order processing costs.


Solutions For Improved Customer Experience

To drive sales online today and keep your customers coming back tomorrow you must go beyond the shopping cart and find an eCommerce solution that works. Online shoppers want an in-store experience online and with iAPPS Commerce, you'll have the power to give it to them.


Superior Product Cataloging

With other eCommerce platforms it can be a challenge keeping your product information synchronous and up-to-date. With iAPPS Commerce that headache is eliminated. Our dynamic, facet-based catalog structure automatically organizes all products into flexible, multi-level categories, making them easy for your customers to find and simple for you to manage.

PCI Compliant Commerce

The flexibility with the iAPPS Commerce SaaS offering means customers can opt to be hosted in a PCI-compliant environment. We take the confusion out of the process, consulting with you on your needs and ensuring you meet any necessary PCI security standards in our fully PCI- and PA-DSS-certified software and hosting environment.

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