Experience Manager

A content management system built on a marketing automation engine - for you to create the digital experiences your consumers demand.

iAPPS Experience Manager Overview

iAPPS Experience Manager iAPPS Experience Manager is a marketing automation engine and content management system in one – delivering the digital experiences consumers demand. Centered on robust audience segmentation and list management, the tool allows marketers to easily create personalized customer journeys – from their first interaction on your website to ongoing communication and engagement.

Each iAPPS implementation incorporates a set of flexible templates and modules to get you started quickly in building your full digital experience with iAPPS Pro. From there, you can opt to further customize these templates and incorporate any necessary custom application integrations with iAPPS Enterprise to meet your unique business needs. 


Easy Website Creation

Using Page Builder, you can set up highly flexible drag-and-drop templates powering all of the pages on your site. Then, create content directly on-page and see it just as your site visitors do. And, with our collection of common templates and modules, you can get up and running quickly. 



Responsive Design

Whether a visitor is using a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop, Responsive Design maintains your message - automatically adapting your content to the screen size of the device accessing your website. 


At its core, iAPPS Experience Manager provides marketers an easy way to segment their audience based on their location, their referring source or countless behaviors on their site. From there, you can create fully personalized experiences based on each segment and usher them through relevant marketing automation flows.

Marketing Automation

Easily build behavior-based communication – delivering personalized content on your website, your landing pages and your emails based on a user’s specific behaviors on and off your site. Our marketing automation engine has built in prioritization capabilities to ensure you are sending the optimal message to your customers at the right time.

Powerful SEO

iAPPS Experience Manager takes care of all of the basics –  automated XML sitemaps, editable robots.txt files and automated but fully customizable meta data - so you can focus on what matters most: Your site’s experience.

Powerful Integration Options

With the iAPPS Framework at its core, you can expand iAPPS Experience Manager to integrate with your internal systems. Built on a flexible API layer, iAPPS allows for easy data extraction to integrate with your existing systems and has its own set of complimentary products to support ecommerce, social media marketing and analytics.

Deployment Flexibility

iAPPS Experience Manager is available in both a SaaS and Perpetual license option. For customers seeking centrally managed infrastructure, our SaaS license eliminates needs for costly infrastructure and provides seamless product updates. For customers who prefer to keep their web application in-house, iAPPS is flexible enough to offer a traditional perpetual license as well.

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