Perpetual licensing empowers your internal IT department to completely own your web experience.

iAPPS is a -- if not the -- market leader in both functionality-to-price ratio and ease-of-use.

Tony White
Founder and Lead CMS Analyst
Ars Logica

Do You Need Total Control Over Your WEM?

iAPPS' perpetual software licensing works well for companies that want to maintain their entire WEM in-house. With a perpetual license all of the software is installed on your servers and is managed by you, in your environment or in one we host for you.

In addition to having total control over your WEM destiny, the perpetual license option provides other benefits including:

  • Flexibility of Deployment
  • Ownership and Direct Control of iAPPS
  • No Constraints on Administrative Customizations

In-house control of iAPPS empowers your company to apply your internal best practices to the overall workflow, and to adapt processes as needs change. And, the perpetual license option allows you to secure sensitive data using your own policies and procedures. Additionally, integration with your legacy, CRM or other existing applications is achieved by your IT team.

We provide deployment services and support, as needed, depending on your in-house technical capacity, system requirements and hosting architecture.

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