Our world-class co-location services alleviate the concerns & complications that come with hosting an enterprise-grade website.

We've managed our public site within the iAPPS Cloud infrastructure for a couple of years now. Developing and updating our site content and email marketing campaigns with the iAPPS product modules has been extremely efficient, and the overall benefit of not having to worry about managing a server environment and all the added work that goes along with that, such as updating software patches, has been a huge plus.

Geoff Smith
Corporate Marketing Manager
Sun Chemical Corporation

Maintain your Web Experience in the Cloud

With iAPPS' Software as a Service (Saas) licensing option, the need to install and run iAPPS websites and applications on your own servers in-house or in a dedicated co-location environment disappears. SaaS support lifts the burden of installation, ongoing maintenance, hardware upgrades and constant internal support from your company, which keeps overhead light and provides for a more flexible environment.

The iAPPS SaaS option also offers several other benefits including:

  • Elimination of High Server Costs, Providing Ease of Entry
  • Less Reliance on Internal IT Staff
  • Continued Product Support and Maintenance

The iAPPS SaaS licensing option empowers your company to spread licensing costs over several years while it eliminates the responsibilities of maintenance and support for the required backend infrastructure. Additionally, we centrally manage product updates seamlessly for our SaaS customers so you can rest assured that iAPPS is always up to date and secure.

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