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There are a lot of difficulties retailers have with being on the Web. They don't have the time, the money or the experience that it takes to produce a truly valuable consumer Web experience. Shaw Web Studio was designed to give them these tools and be extremely easy to use. Because flooring retailers are experts in their areas, it is important for them to be able to localize the information on their websites, and with iAPPS, this is easily accomplished by changing the content on a site or by adjusting keywords and metatags.

Misty Hodge
Web Services Manager
Shaw Flooring

Make Your Website Work For You – Not The Other Way Around

We know a strong web presence is central to any brand - and the tools to deliver that can make or break you.

That's why we built iAPPS - a unified Web Experience Management platform that powers some of the biggest websites, webstores and distributed marketing organizations out there.

For our customers, it's about delivering a cross-channel experience built in a system that puts ease of use, intelligence and automation at the forefront.

And for the analysts, iAPPS has clearly demonstrated its ability to deliver.

Why the analysts recommend iAPPS:

CODiE award

Best WCM

The annual CODiE awards evaluate all the premier software companies available and in 2015 they recognized iAPPS as the Best Web Content Management Platform out there. Read more

Digital Clarity Group

In their Service Provider report they put it well: “Consultants should be giving you what you need as opposed to what you asked for. The most valuable question in web design is, ‘Wait, why are you doing that?’ That takes confidence and experience; Bridgeline has both.” Read more


Strong Performer

iAPPS ds was the only platform to be ranked in the top three for strategy and market presence in Forrester's independent review of Through-Channel Marketing Automation Platforms. Read more

100 awards and counting

Though it's nice to give ourselves a pat on the back, it's our customers that deserve the recognition - and they get it time and time again from the likes of The Interactive Media Council, the W3 Awards and the Internet Advertising Competition Awards.

The success our customers have seen:

Though analyst recognition and awards are nice, the proof is in the significant results iAPPS has helped drive for our customers. Here are just a few:

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